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 Eagles5 named Ambassador to fc.inc

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Eagles5 named Ambassador to fc.inc Empty
PostSubject: Eagles5 named Ambassador to fc.inc   Eagles5 named Ambassador to fc.inc Icon_minitimeFri Oct 02, 2009 6:40 am

Eagles5 is named Ambassador by Pharaoh in his dispute with fc.inc

Dekara is threatening standard war - WAR will only agree to unrestricted war with terms outlined in their charter - Dispute is between Pharaoh and JLBR - Pharaoh phalanxed JLBR, causing dekara to intercede to avert a second phalanx attack - Pharaoh declined to pull the second phalanx due to a perceived character slight - dekara terminated an unofficial NAP reached with Pharaoh that stipulated that Pharaoh would attack anyone in his sectors of space that attacks WAR members - also stipulated that he would honor an NAP between himself and dekara if WAR members were left alone.

Pharaoh asserts right to phalanx any player if they are hitting farms in the area without the benefit of a moon to hide their activities, but offers a win-win scenario - he will help JLBR get a moon in the sector they are both operating in by allowing him to rebuild enough defense for a moonshot without attacking him - he'll exchange two moonshots with JLBR - will not interfere with fc.inc attempts for moonshots with JLBR in the same sector - will provide moonshot opportunities as needed and able to, fostering cooperation between himself and fc.inc players in the area - will not admit fault for phalanxing, claiming that if someone hits farms without the benefit of a moon, they are making themselves a target for attack - claims that there was no alliance-wide official NAP and his unofficial agreement with dekara did not apply to all members of fc.inc, particularly when operating in a blatant manner to diminish resource reserves in the area, further indicating that JLBR was inviting the second attack by criticizing Pharaoh's first phalanx attack

Pharaoh, dekara and fate35 attempted to reach a resolution without success. Dekara indicated that the decision was in JLRB's hands and recommended Pharaoh talk to JLBR directly. Pharaoh declined indicating that the prior conversations had not provided a hopeful outlook for a positive outcome with JLBR who had called him rude (indicated that this was based on Pharaoh's admittedly obnoxious posts directed at TA during his long conflict with them) and a liar (not sure where this came from) and named an ambassador to represent both himself and WAR and provided a 24-hour timeline for resolution to be reached - This is the highest rank in peacetime that can be achieved, with the ambassador speaking with the voice of the alliance - Pharaoh agrees to a cease fire until such time as it is violated by fc.inc, at which time he will retaliate against the aggressor as well as dekara and JLRB as formentors of the attack - Pharaoh also stipulates that any attack against their ambassador will be tantamount to an act of war and will terminate negotiations - Ambassador was named by Pharaoh based on the player who received the greatest perceived wrong by fc.inc's attacks, regardless of the responses during and after the attacks.
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Eagles5 named Ambassador to fc.inc
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