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War is the continuation of diplomacy by more direct means.
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PostSubject: HoFs - RIPS KILLED - MOONKILLS   Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:39 am


TA vs. DOM
(DOM surrendered, losing the war, but had thankfully ejected me from the alliance while I was banned, as a condition of peace - before that happened. DOM rolled over on me and many members who disagreed with the surrender. Those members left DOM and either joined other alliances - chiefly Covenant - or banded together to form the WAR alliance, founded jointly by Hyotoshi and Pharaoh)

FC.inc vs WAR [Draw]
(started over JLBR wanting a free pass to raid the same inactives as Pharaoh right under his nose without cover of a moon and without coming to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Pharaoh had Phalanxed JLBR and missed, but crashed some initial defenses. JLBR criticized the phalanx, so Pharaoh hit him again using a tighter phalanx. Dekara attempted to intervene, requesting the same NAP he had with Pharaoh for JLBR. Pharaoh declined, citing JLBR's criticism and feeling a need to show JLBR capabilities that were brought into question. Dekara terminated his NAP with Pharaoh and threatened war between FC.inc and WAR. Pharaoh called for a cease fire and attempted to arrange a mutually beneficial arrangement where he and JLBR would help each other obtain a moon in the area, thus JLBR could operate at will without Pharaoh knowing about it and Pharaoh could obtain a nearby moon instead of continuing exhaustive failed efforts in G5 to obtain one. Talks broke down, with FC.inc firing on WAR's ambassador. While WAR attempted to decline participation and indicated that they had no desire to fight a war with an alliance with twice their numbers and three times their points, the war continued. Both sides have crashed defenses and FC.inc has had a few moderate successes in fleet hits, but nothing substantial has occurred - as predicted - other than a notable attempt at a moonkill by Pharaoh on Dekara that failed, with substantial damage in the millions to both sides in resource losses. Both sides have indicated an unwillingness to cede victory, so the war looks to be ongoing for some time...POSTED 10/20/2009)

HoFs: 1

(versus Pyroclastica and White Warrior - crashed 4 RIPs in an ACS ninja)


(see above HoF)



(versus Dekara during the 'FC.inc v WAR' war)
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