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War is the continuation of diplomacy by more direct means.
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 Pandora's Application

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PostSubject: Pandora's Application   Pandora's Application Icon_minitimeWed Dec 16, 2009 4:10 pm

* Name of Account: Pandora
* Previous AKAs (Also Known As): Loop
* Have you ever belonged to an alliance? Yes
* If so, which one and for how long? Eu, for around 4 months (this owner). Last account: Cratoan, ATAw, ATA, TA.
* If so, reasons for leaving? Inactivity, or offered upgrades to larger accounts
* Total Points: 1.63m
* Have You Ever Served in a War with a Member of the Cabal? No
* If so, which war and how active were you?
* Current Overall Rank: 144
* Current Fleet Rank: 113
* Current Research Rank:

I Will be posting my primary shell, Lethe Kohime's info. She is my main internet personality.
* Real First Name: Lethe Kohime

* Age: 19
* Phone Number: I do not post my phone number online. This can be requested, though
* E-mail: l.kohime@gmail.com


Please Rank the Following in Terms of Importance to You
1. ACS Raiding
2. Fleet Development
3. Individual Raiding
4. Improving research and tech
5. Building and Resource Development
6. Developing Better Defenses
7. Lunar Development

* Under what conditions would you ACS Defend another member of your alliance?
any/all. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

* Under what conditions would you refuse to ACS Defend a member of your alliance?
Don't have the fuel to aid them, or if they're gone beyond pissing me off

* If the alliance goes to war, would you remain active in the fight and support alliance goals?
Of course! Part of why i want to join is so for a war!

* Under what conditions would you refuse to support alliance objectives?
If i felt the objective was counter-productive to long-term alliance improvement

* Do you currently have any individual agreements or friendships that you feel would supercede your alliance obligations?
No. All my friends in this uni have quit

* Do you have any enemies (people that you are in regular conflict with)?
Perhaps Delboy, although i was on pretty good terms with him when he went into vaca mode.

* Name your top 3 individual affiliations (players you get along with):
None, currently. No one's taken the time outside Pharoah to reply to my pm's

* Name 3 alliances you actively dislike or are in conflict with:

* Name 3 alliances you are most active with in terms of trading, communication and positive (supportive) functions with:
Currently: None

* In Your Own Words, Create a Background Story for Your Aspiring Warlord that fits into the Alliance Background Story and Provides Reason(s) for Petitioning the Convocation of Warlords for membership in the Warrior Cabal:
Pandora is the scion of change, the herald of both perfection and stagation. A warrior-philosopher, focusing on ranged/mobile tactics to keep her enemies on their toes and moving. However, even the best commander needs allies
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Pandora's Application
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