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War is the continuation of diplomacy by more direct means.
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 Policies towards Relationships and Conflicts

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Policies towards Relationships and Conflicts Empty
PostSubject: Policies towards Relationships and Conflicts   Policies towards Relationships and Conflicts Icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2009 8:02 pm

We are a convocation of warlords that cooperate for mutual defense and for the expansion of our realms. We make allies wherever and whenever possible with like-minded groups when it is advantageous for us to do so and make war upon those for whom ACS Defense and warning attacks do not make an impression. We will attack without regard to profit when it is within our long term interests to make a statement or make a stand. We do not negotiate with terrorists or with those who have a proven track record of duplicity. We will make war with those who make war upon us, but be forewarned that we do not care about points. If you wage war with us, it will be to the end and will involve a long, drawn out affair that will require that one or the other side caves. Unconditional surrender will be the only way to end the war and we do not believe in surrender. Terms will usually include the mandatory required destruction of your most advanced world for each member of your alliance with reporting of which world was destroyed and where you placed the new world.

We will only declare war upon an alliance if we feel pushed to do so. We do not make good enemies, but neither do we look for problems and we are loyal friends. Don't leave your stuff lying around or lightly defended and we won't raid you. Communicate with us and we will communicate back in like terms. If you are disrespectful, we will be forcefully disrespectful back. Treat us with respect and it will be returned.
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Policies towards Relationships and Conflicts
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